Clinic Offers Chiropractic Treatment In Mesa

January 24, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Tempe, AZ based Unity Physician Services would like to announce the availability of their chiropractic services to the people of Mesa. The clinic offers a variety of treatments to deal with all kinds of issues involving the spine and the body as a whole. Those in search of a chiropractic clinic in Mesa need not look any further as Unity Physician Services has solutions to all chiropractic problems their patients may have.

Every year, Mesa sees dozens of people seek alternative pain relief for their headaches, backaches, neck pain and a number of other health problems. They often find the help they need in the form of a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is a form of alternative therapy that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the spinal and musculoskeletal system.

Chiropractic treatment involves aligning the patient’s spine through the use of various adjustments. Patients visiting any of the reputable Pain Stop Clinics in Mesa and Phoenix Valley will usually undergo a physical examination, over the course of which their medical history is reviewed. “The sports injury chiropractor in Mesa will pay special attention to your bone density and apply gentle treatments through the use of hands for the purpose of providing pain relief to the injured or damaged area of the body,” says Unity. “This non-invasive therapy allows the joint to move in a normal manner and minimize inflammation. Another technique is in the form of high-velocity adjustment, in which you are asked to relax your head in the hands of the chiropractor, who will quickly thrust your head in a way that you will hear a cracking sound. There are also other gentler adjustment methods that these practitioners use to give patients quick pain relief.”

Manipulating the lumbar spine is thought to be an incredibly safe and effective method of pain relief. Although chiropractic therapy is not the answer to every disease or illness, it can, in many situations help reverse the cause of pain. In cases where one is experiencing neck pain, for example, pain relief medicine may be effective in the treatment of symptoms, but chiropractic treatment aims to get rid of the root cause of the pain. Medication masks symptoms while chiropractic treatment seeks to eliminate them entirely.

“By taking a drug-free and holistic approach, the holistic chiropractors in Mesa focus less on the symptoms of the pain and more on maintaining a healthy body,” says Unity Physician Services. “This is their foundation for providing comprehensive patient care in a natural and non-invasive manner. In fact, every technique they use on patients to treat their discomfort is painless and free from side effects. Patients may experience some mild soreness, which usually will quickly subside within an hour or two. For most patients, undergoing non-invasive therapies instead of surgery is the most important benefit of opting for chiropractic care.”

There are a number of other natural pain relief methods available in the Mesa area. Some of the other natural treatments include trigger point injections, chiropractic therapy, epidurals and much more. Read more here: Sciatica Treatment In Mesa.

“If you are in pain, this is the place to go,” says a 5-Star Google review of Unity Physician Center’s Pain Stop Clinics in Mesa. “Every person you interact with is kind and really listens. Instead of jumping in and doing any treatment, they made sure they understand what needs to be corrected and worked to find the best solution. Makes me feel like I'm on the best path possible for a pain free life. Thanks, everyone.”

Another review on the same platform also praises the pain relief center, stating, “I have been coming to this location for about two months. They have friendly doctors who take their time and explain everything so you can understand what is really going on with your spine and feet. I am really amazed at the results I have gotten so far, and payment is easy. They will also work with you and your insurance.”

For more information on the many pain management and relief treatments available at Unity Physician Services, interested parties may refer to the clinic’s website and other online resources. The healthcare service also offers male testosterone therapy in Mesa for those in need of it. Dr. Thomas Morgan of Unity Physician Services is available to answer any further inquiries.


For more information about Unity Physician Services, contact the company here:

Unity Physician Services
Dr. Thomas Morgan
4765 S Lakeshore Dr, Tempe AZ 85282

ReleaseID: 60033821

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