Change is right now —— MGCC creates a new generation of blockchain game incentive platform

Aug 2, 2020

Foreword:   The will of the people supported by firm beliefs is more powerful than those seemingly invincible material forces.   At present, the trend of global entertainment was irreversible, and it is expected that the game industry will continue to grow in the next ten years. This was a major conclusion drawn from the “2015-2019 Global Entertainment Media Outlook” report released by PwC. The report pointed out that global game revenue has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 5.7 percentage, and reached an annual revenue of 93.18 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. Although traditional games still occupied an important share of overall game revenue, with the development of the times, in some emerging markets, such as South Africa, India, Indonesia, Singapore and some other countries, the penetration of video games was far from coming.   Through the analysis of the global game industry, the game industry in developed countries has been relatively complete, but some developing countries such as India, Brazil, Russia and other countries had a relatively large game gap, while some countries in Southeast Asia and Africa had more complicated problems in the video game industry, the biggest problem was that life pressure limited the time for leisure and entertainment. However, if there was a platform that was completely disruptive and innovative, it could solve the innovation of games, the realization of games, and the quality of games. I think such a platform must be realized by combining with the blockchain. Firstly you need to find the problems, and then solve the problems.   Although the game industry has been developing rapidly, and too much haste often leads to more problems. How to solve many existing problems also requires a new technology + innovation. The monopoly of game channels, the transaction of game equipment, the falsification of player data, and the copyright of games are all urgent to be solved.. These long-standing and indecisive pain points and even more serious pain points in recent years have also restricted the progress and development of the game industry. So is there a way to solve it? Perhaps, blockchain can provide a good solution ideas. Taking MGCC as an example, the project was positioned as a basic protocol for the future game industry based on blockchain, creating a vertical game field based on blockchain technology. After all, in the past few years, every blockchain game project has been intending to change the world, so where is the explosive point of the game industry? What are the problems in the blockchain game industry?  More ecological combination such as Blockchain+Game   The core significance of the blockchain is that it can solve the undecidable machine thinking in the game industry and is more intelligent. The combination of blockchain and games has become a key area that the industrial insiders are generally optimistic about the industry. Based on the characteristics of blockchain technology, it can effectively solve the common problems faced by many game industries such as centralized mechanism, obscure rules, inability to interconnect assets, and difficulty in saving asset value. Especially in terms of landing applications, games are gradually being considered by the industry as the first breakthrough direction of blockchain technology , and it is the best landing scenario for activating blockchain users.   This has also attracted a large influx of capital and talents, and many technology giants have launched their layouts, and the entire blockchain game market has ushered in a wave of development. According to relevant statistics, in 2019, the amount of on-chain item transactions for a single blockchain game has exceeded 60 billion U.S. dollars, and it is estimated that by 2023, the total global transaction amount will exceed 1 trillion U.S. dollars for the first time.  Global DAPP applications show a spurt of growth   According to the ranking of a certain website, at least 5 of the top 10 most active blockchain applications (DAPP) in the world are games. For example, the famous CryptoKitties encrypted cat game can be regarded as the first famous blockchain game with total transaction volume of 365.85w. There is also the once-popular EtherGoo, with a 24-hour transaction volume of more than 200 ETH. The ETHERBOTS developed by the Ferguson brothers and their partners in Sydney, Australia, sold up to 3900 small robots totaling 1000 ETH in the pre-sale phase.There are also EtherCraft and Etheremon. According to media reports, Etheremon has more than 19,000 transactions in less than 3 months of launch. Since the CryptoKitties of the first blockchain game became great hit over the night, the blockchain game has begun to enter the public’s view, and international companies including countless unknown crypto game projects have sprung up like mushrooms. SONY, Neptune, Hanbitsoft, Tencent, Netease and other traditional game enterprises have tried to use blockchain technology and encryption assets.   Since the birth of the first blockchain game, the game has formed its own small ecosystem in the blockchain world. Although the crypto asset market in 2018 and 2019 was full of depression, the track of blockchain games was still keeping alive..  MGCC’s emergence is to build the ecosystem of blockchain game At the beginning of 2020, the entire game industry has developed rapidly. Although the global economy continues to decline and all industries have suffered severe impacts, the game industry has been developing steadily in some detailed fields such as: online games, mobile games, E-sports, game live, PC games, which have achieved rapid growth in their respective fields. Furthermore,Blockchain + Game are more in line with the trend of the times.   Under such circumstances, MGCC emerged at a historic moment, which was considered as a new generation of blockchain game incentive ecological platform, it aims to create an open multi-platform game operation network, and on the one hand, it provides the game developers of blockchain game and creators with the modular development service to reduce the development investment and time cost, on the other hand, it provides the players of blockchain game with a new sense of interactive experience and entertainment, allows the game participants and players to enjoy the value redistribution of the platform, and encourages to build an ecological community of co-construction and common prosperity   The founding team of MGCC has many years of experience in the game industry and understands the global game market, operations and product status. Many of the key members have experience in Microsoft, Blizzard, Nintendo, EA and other large game companies. Team explained that they would propose to build the a vision system of consistency between content producers and consumer value in the digital world, which will be based on the pain-point of game industry, and combined with the development opportunity of blockchain technology.  Combine with token economy to bring the game's interest into full play   Whether it is a traditional game or a blockchain game, the essence is inseparable from the interests and fun, which lies in every game, and MGCC is naturally no exception. It is understood that MGCC as the first blockchain game will be launched online, and it is a skyscraper climbing game with full of interests. Any facilities and equipment items built in the game will belong to the player’s properties, and the players can transfer, track, display on the MGCC digital asset trading platform to conduct free circulation and transfer. At present, this game has completed the development schedule, which is under the first round of internal testing, and it is expected to be officially launched at the end of August. Unlike traditional game trading platforms, MGCC’s decentralized digital asset trading platform does not have intermediaries. This improves the efficiency of both parties to complete the circulation. On the one hand, it can reduce the participation of intermediaries to achieve the effect of more benefits for sellers and less consumption for buyers. At the same time, as the value certificate of the platform, MGCC has a rich and broad application scenario that can be freely traded and circulated. MGCC is well aware of a major innovative feature of the blockchain to the game industry, which allows users to transform from a pure game experience to an asset experience, and makes the players to enjoy the thrill of the game while obtaining a generous return on assets. MGCC will create a new experience in the blockchain game community by constructing a simple and efficient ecological incentive mechanism, and is committed to becoming a co-construction and common prosperity of "Each one produce what he is good at, each one takes what he needs”,  everyone is both a producer and a consumer. Blockchain smart games are the general trend, and the future development prospects are immeasurable. Based on the blockchain decentralized platform, who can not only solve the market pain points but also grasp the core needs of players, who can provide a more reasonable distribution of benefits, a fairer operating model, and a smoother game experience will win the future market of blockchain games. Future is just around the corner, we will wait and see!

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